Friday, June 3, 2011

Some of our highlights....Jan - May 2011

January 2011 - started with Mabel starting school at TGH just like Brandon did 4 years ago. Bran also started with Std 1 in SJK(C) Yong Peng 1. Thank God, he has a few friends from TGH who are in the same class. His chinese has definitely improved.

Bran & Mabel plays better together nowadays. They know how to make each other laugh although many times Mabel will "bully" the kor kor.

Febuary 2011 - It's CNY time. It's the usual family taking pic time and each years it gets more & more difficult as kids don't smile & look where you want them to look.

Feb is also special because Bran turns 7 this year !!!! These are his pictures from age 1 - 7.

March 2011 - we decided to reward ourselves during the March holidays by making a trip to PJ to visit Ah Ku's new house. A special treat for Bran @ Dino Live at the Science Center.

Cousin Joe came to stay for a few days. The boys had loads of fun together.....

This is Bran's recent note to me..... He is also growing spiritually as David spend time with him working thru "Treasure Hunt with Mark". He is learning how to trust God & commit to prayer.

Apr 2011 - it was work & work......the month ended when the Tan family took a holiday at Lotus Desaru. A fanstastic time for the kids.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

1st Check Up After 2nd Surgery

This is the x-ray of wires still inplanted in his arm. The wires taken out.

1st check-up. Next week (8/1) will remove the stitches.

Smaller band aid. Mobility of hand is less restricted.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Brandon's 2nd Surgery - To remove the wires

Brandon's 1st scar. The 2nd cut will be follow this 1st scar.

Wearing the operation gown.

Just outside the OT. This time he was wheeled in by himself & I didn't accompany him in. He is indeed a very brave boy.

The pain is quite bad. Dr said that this surgery is more painful when inserting the k-wires.

This is the wires removed from his arm.

Mabel praying for Brandon before she went home that night.

Discharged the next day (28/12). Able to play and now waiting for 1 Jan to change the bandage.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

2nd Physio Session - 31 October 2009

Today's physio session requires longer time and there were more stretching exercise. The arm seems to be more loose. It will still take time for it to be back to it's normal mobility.

Pully exercise - now longer stretch.

Stacking and twisting off exercise.

Rolling ball with greater force.

Peeling off tape to force stretching.

The best part - cool treatment, after exercise treat.